Lecture Series

Michael Margulis now has a lecture series, where his dive experience and travels are colorfully documented in an exiting multi media lecture sharing his 35 years of exploration of shipwrecks, and salvage diving.  Diver Mike's  in-depth  lectures of his experience as a salvage diver, recovering artifacts from the under water archeological discoveries of the Atocha, and Margarita , two Spanish Galleons, brought to the bottom of the carribian sea in the same Hurricane.  And of course the Pirate ship Whydda which sank in a Gale, off the coast of Cape Cod.  Michael's lecture includes his personal experinces of salvage diver and treasure hunting,  The difficulties of  under water archaeology, and exploring the Treasure Galleon finds of Mel fishers' Florida shipwrecks. Including the 1715 fTreasure fleet located along the "Treasure Coast" of Vero Beach  florida.